In Parishes

Parish Religious Education Program

In WA Religious education for children who do not attend Catholic School is provided largely in parish based programs.


Many parishes throughout Western Australia provide a Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) and sacrament preparation to Catholic children who do not attend Catholic schools.


Programs are under the direction of the Parish Priest. They vary in size from one or two Catechists teaching a few children to 18 Catechists teaching 140 children.


The classes are generally held after school on parish or nearby Catholic school premises and are approximately one hour in duration.


Catechist Service

For more information please view the Mission Statement or the CEWA Catechist Formation Program.pdf


The Role of Catechists


Catechists who staff the Parish Religious Education Program are generally volunteers. They are ‘doorway people’ who share their faith with children and connect them and their families with the parish. They perform their work on behalf of the whole parish community.


Parishes always welcome new Catechists. If this sounds like you or you are interested in learning more about the role of Catechists, contact the Catechist Services Team. Parish Catechist Coordinators oversee the PREP and engage in a wide range of activities that ensure the programs in their parishes operate effectively.


The Coordinator of the Parish Religious Education Program, facilitates, manages, and collaborates in bringing Religious Education to children in the Catholic community who do not attend Catholic schools.


The Coordinator works in partnership with catechists, children, parents, the Parish Priest, the Catholic school and the Catechist Service Team and is directly accountable to the Parish Priest. [More]


The Catechist Service Team trains and prepares Catechists and Catechist Coordinators for their roles.