Parish Religious Education Program

The mandated Catechist teaching program for the archdiocese of Perth is 'The Truth will set you free' program.  This program has been carefully designed for use by Catechists in the parish context of a 1-hour weekly lesson.

'The Truth Will Set you Free' Program

There are five components to 'The Truth will set you free'

  • A comprehensive and sequential program of Religious Education for children from Pre-Primary to Year 7. Each file consists of: Lesson plans arranged in modules; a prayer section containing prayers and suggestions for liturgies; a resources section full of helpful ideas for planning and preparation
  • Sacrament Program
  • Parent Meeting Package
  • Parent Support Package
  • Children’s Worksheets for all levels. 

The teaching approach of the 'Truth will set you free

  • Life Experience

  • God's Plan

  • Our Response.